Day: August 12, 2016


13 Incredible Facts About WWE SummerSlam

SummerSlam is one of WWE’s longest-running Pay Per Views and one of the legendary “Big Four”, a massive show which WWE likes to tout as “the biggest PPV of the summer”. And when you have a Pay Per View that has been around for roughly three decades, you get all sorts of weird statistics and interesting facts that crop up from years and years of matches. As a result, we’ve picked through the entire history of SummerSlam to come up with some items about WWE’s big summer party that we thought you’d find interesting. Enjoy! read more

Big Show Says WrestleMania 33 Match With Shaq Could Be His Last

The Big Show made his wrestling debut as “The Giant” for WCW in 1995, and won the WCW World Title in his very first match. He’s been a part of WWE since a much-publicized jump in early 1999, and a fixture on WWE programming ever since. Recently, he’s been showered with chants of “Please Retire”, and while we wouldn’t put it quite that way (although at least the fans are saying “Please”), the fact of the matter is that Show has been a regular character on TV for over 20 years at this point, and his career is quite clearly winding down. While he has made cameo appearances on Raw and Smackdown in 2016, his presence has definitely been scaled back in the past few months, and it looks like the inevitable might be closing in. read more