Day: August 15, 2016

SummerSlam Will Have A 2 Hour Pre-Show And An Overrun

We’re probably not alone in thinking that SummerSlam is shaping up to be a pretty great wrestling show, with nine matches announced (and the possibility that more could be added in the final week before the show). However, in its continuing quest to make SummerSlam just as big of a deal as WrestleMania, WWE might have gone too far, announcing today that the already four-hour SummerSlam Pay Per View will be preceded by a two-hour long kickoff show, which will air on the WWE Network. In addition, it has also been revealed that WWE will likely be continuing their trend of allowing their PPV’s to run longer than the scheduled time, a pattern which actually began at WrestleMania, and could possibly add as much as an extra thirty minutes to the show. read more

Kevin Owens Says Finn Balor Was The Face Of NXT

It seemed like fans had been waiting forever for Finn Balor to escape the developmental system of NXT and debut on the main roster, but now that he’s there and fighting for the WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam, it looks like things have worked out for the best. And according to another Superstar who spent some time in NXT, WWE’s “minor league” promotion wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful or popular had Balor made the jump before now. read more


Conor McGregor Continues To Call Out WWE In Advance Of UFC 202

We’re not exactly sure why Conor McGregor is focusing all his attention on WWE the week before UFC 202 instead of his opponent for that evening, Nick Diaz. Maybe in some weird way, this was part of the cross-promotional agreement UFC made with WWE to promote SummerSlam, which will take place the day after McGregor’s fight. Or maybe McGregor is just paving the way for a WWE appearance in the future, possibly after he gets destroyed for fighting outside his weight class again. read more