Day: August 16, 2016

Daniel Bryan Says He Had A ‘Mental Breakdown’ After Retirement

While doing promotional work for the upcoming SummerSlam Pay Per View, Smackdown GM and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan shared some candid thoughts on his retirement, and the entire process that led up to the end of his in-ring career. It’s quite clear that Bryan misses being able to get in the ring and wrestle, but the interview also shows that if doctors and WWE hadn’t stepped in, it’s very likely that things could have gone much worse for Bryan, who talks about how dedicated he was to not changing his high intensity, hard-hitting style despite the advice of everyone around him. Here’s Bryan on what happened to him in the days after he retired on Raw, then headed off to film episodes of Total Bellas immediately afterwards. read more


WWE Announces Jon Stewart Will Appear At SummerSlam

It might have gotten lost in the chaos last night, but for the second straight year, retired former host of The Daily Show and noted huge wrestling fan Jon Stewart will be appearing at the SummerSlam PPV, this time as a guest of Mick Foley. Hopefully this year he won’t show up looking like a homeless man in poorly-fitting clothing, but more importantly, what are the chances that Stewart has as big of an effect on SummerSlam as he did last year, when he singlehandedly prevented John Cena from defeating Seth Rollins and winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a record-tying 16th time? read more