Day: August 19, 2016

WATCH: Seth Rollins Responds To Conor McGregor On ESPN’s ‘First Take’

Seth Rollins, one of two men who will be fighting for the chance to become the first WWE Universal Champion this weekend at SummerSlam, did some promotional work as part of WWE’s ongoing partnership with ESPN today. Rollins was a special guest on ‘First Take’, and inevitably, he was asked about the inflammatory remarks made by UFC fighter Conor McGregor in regards to pro wrestlers. To his credit, Rollins rolled with the punches and remained remarkably diplomatic, talking about the respect normally held between pro wrestlers and MMA fighters, about how much pressure McGregor must be under to perform at UFC 202, and generally coming across as a reasonable individual. Which is more than we can say for Stephen A. Smith during the same segment, unfortunately. That man certainly must love Goldberg, is all we can say. read more


13 Absolute Best SummerSlam Matches Of All Time

SummerSlam in one of the longest-running Pay Per Views in WWE history, and one of the original “Big Four”, along with WrestleMania, Survivor Series, and the Royal Rumble. And as you’d expect with any PPV with an extensive history, there have been more than a few incredible matches which have taken place at this event over the years, from technical masterpieces, to the most ridiculous gimmick matches ever seen. For your consideration, we’ve gathered up what we believe are the absolute best matches to take place at SummerSlam over its lifetime, and there are a lot of them. Honestly, if you’ve never seen any of the matches on this list, make sure you remedy that, and soon. read more

Nikki Bella Reportedly Cleared To Return

In news that should make some people happy, especially now that the Women’s Division in WWE is down at least two wrestlers for the next month following the Wellness failures of Paige and Eva Marie, longest-reigning Divas Champion Nikki Bella has apparently been given the go-ahead by doctors to get back in the ring after having career-threatening neck surgery earlier this year. Nikki had already been preparing for her return at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando in anticipation of this news, which removes the final hurdle from her resuming her in-ring career. read more