Month: August 2016

Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar II Is Happening, But Not On TV

Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar II Is Happening, But Not On TV

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is, Brock Lesnar is going to work another match this month, after we thought he’d be gone until January at least, and it’s going to be a rematch against Randy Orton. The bad news is, it’s taking place at a non-televised live event in Chicago the night before Clash of Champions, and it won’t be a WWE Network special, so only the people in attendance will get to see it. Lesnar is also not scheduled to appear on the Raw-exclusive Clash the next night, all of which begs the question: what’s the point of the rematch, then? read more

Alison Brie To Star In Netflix Wrestling Series ‘GLOW’

After reporting that Netflix was looking to create a new comedy series based around 80’s female wrestling promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling back in May, we can now reveal that the project will be moving ahead with Alsion Brie in a leading role. You might recognize Brie from such shows as Community, Mad Men, and her voice work on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, as well as several movie roles. read more

Goldberg and WWE Are Reportedly Talking About A Comeback

Yes, the rumors that started when Goldberg signed a deal to appear in WWE 2K17 may have borne fruit, as TMZ is reporting that he and WWE are apparently in negotiations that would see the 49-year-old former World Champion make his return to the squared circle in some capacity. Nothing has been confirmed, but we’d have to believe that the most likely outcome, if Goldberg plans to return as a wrestler, would be a Lesnar-Goldberg rematch, likely at WrestleMania 33. read more

Full Extent Of Finn Balor’s Injuries Revealed

When WWE revealed that Finn Balor had suffered a torn labrum and would be out 4-6 months, it turns out that was just the beginning, and Balor’s return to the ring will unfortunately not be taking place anytime soon. Balor provided an update on social media about his condition, and the results of his surgery. While everything went well, the full extent of Balor’s injuries were actually far worse than originally diagnosed. read more

Bo Dallas Was Kicked Off A Flight For Singing Disney Songs (And Also Being Drunk)

This seems like the kind of story that could only exist when talking about someone as ridiculously enthusiastic as the character Bo Dallas plays on TV, so maybe we shouldn’t be shocked, but according to reports on social media from as high an authority as Late Shift host Steven Bell, Bo Dallas was taken off a flight to WWE’s weekend tour of Mexico for being excessively intoxicated. His response, apparently, was to break into the “Circle of Life” song from Disney’s The Lion King, which we’d like to think is the strangest thing we’ll be writing about in wrestling. Well, today. Probably. read more

POLL: Who Should Win The WWE Universal Title On Raw?

This Monday, thanks to Finn Balor being forced to vacate the title due to injury, four Superstars will meet in a Fatal Four-Way Match, with the winner becoming the second-ever WWE Universal Champion. Your four contenders are former Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, angry Canadian Kevin Owens, and the seven-foot-tall Big Cass. We know who we’d like to see win, but we’re going to let you have your say in our exclusive poll. So, who do you want to see walk out of Raw this week as the Universal Champion? read more

The Rock Is Now The Highest-Paid Actor In The World

It looks like all that hard work is paying off in a big way for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as his tireless pursuit of movie roles has led to him dominating Hollywood in a big way, and as was just revealed, topping the list as the highest-paid actor in the entire world. According to Forbes, The Rock earned $64.5 million for his theatrical works this year, more than double what he brought in last year, making him an “A-list” celebrity in every sense of the word. Rock edged out Jackie Chan at #2 (apparently he’s still making movies, and ridiculous money, in China), then Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp at #3, #4 and #5, respectively. That’s some high-powered company for the Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment. read more

Are The Rock and Vin Diesel Planning A WrestleMania Confrontation?

Are The Rock and Vin Diesel Planning A WrestleMania Confrontation?

You’ve probably heard by now that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had some less-than-complimentary things to say about one of his Fast 8 co-stars after shooting wrapped up, and industry sources revealed that the source of Rock’s ire was mostly likely the star of the franchise, Vin Diesel, who Rock seemed to be accusing of laziness and unprofessionalism. Everyone has an opinion on this, from the other stars of the film, to industry experts, to wrestling fans, and it seems like it’s that last group who might have figured out the angle on this whole thing from the very beginning. read more