Month: August 2016


Brock Lesnar Has Been Officially Suspended From MMA

While it’s only temporary at this point, Brock Lesnar has been suspended indefinitely from competing in MMA while an investigation continues into his two drug test failures in advance of UFC 200. This is an expected move, and matches the similar suspension levied against Jon Jones, who also failed two separate drug tests, which led to his fight at UFC 200 being cancelled. Jones has said that his own investigation has revealed details that could overturn the decision, but it remains to be seen if the same will be true for Lesnar. read more


Another Week Of Roster Reveals And New Screenshots For WWE 2K17

Yes, it’s time for another list of WWE and NXT Superstars who will officially be a part of the roster for WWE 2K17. This week, the list includes some of NXT’s greatest tag teams, The Bad Guy himself, and a couple of people who are currently serving Wellness suspensions! But that’s not all, we’ve got some new screenshots to tide you over until the game actually releases in a couple of weeks, so take a look! read more

Shane McMahon Could Be Brock Lesnar’s Next Opponent

We probably won’t find out for months, as Brock Lesnar isn’t currently expected to return to WWE until the Royal Rumble at the earliest, but the current rumor is that the confrontation between Brock and Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon at the end of SummerSlam was done to set up a potential match between the two, possibly at the Rumble. Obviously, that seems insane, and we’d prefer it if Shane came up with a proxy to wrestle for him against Brock, but at the same time, he did just fight the Undertaker at WrestleMania, so WWE, at least, probably considers the match a fair fight. read more


The Dudley Boyz Are Officially Done With WWE

Some cryptic Twitter messages from both Bubba Ray and D’Von before Raw led to speculation that they might be running some sort of angle on the show, however, it appears that is not the case, and The Dudley Boyz are no longer a part of WWE. There were reports a few weeks back that they had signed a contract extension with the company, and the seeds of a break-up angle began being planted, but the contract was apparently never officially completed, and the decision was made for both sides to part amicably. After delivering a heartwarming speech on Raw, the Dudleyz were interrupted by The Shining Stars, who they destroyed with their signature moves before falling to an ambush from the team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, in order to put them over before leaving. read more


Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar Had An Altercation Backstage After SummerSlam

While the finish to the main event of SummerSlam between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar was definitely planned, the extent of Orton’s injuries and the early stoppage of the match almost certainly were not, and that reportedly led to a confrontation between Brock and respected veteran Chris Jericho immediately after the match. Jericho, who was unaware of the planned finish, was apparently upset with Lesnar for what he saw as Brock taking liberties with Orton, and a combination of miscommunication, adrenaline, and harsh words led to Jericho and Brock having a brief shoving match that was broken up by Triple H and Vince McMahon. read more

D’Von Dudley Teases Possible Retirement On Social Media

If you’ve been paying attention to Raw since the Draft, you might have noticed growing tension and miscommunication between The Dudley Boyz during their matches, including last night at the SummerSlam Pay Per View. Once one of wrestling’s most dominant teams, the Dudleyz have basically been in the position of putting over younger tag teams since they returned last year. One year ago today, in fact, which leads us to this post on Twitter by D’Von Dudley. read more


Finn Balor Suffered Shoulder Injury At SummerSlam, Severity Unknown

Winning the WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam was a huge first step for the main roster career of Finn Balor, but it’s possible the journey might have been delayed before it can even get underway. According to eyewitness reports and photos taken after SummerSlam, Balor was walking around with his right arm in a sling, leading to rumors he’d suffered some sort of injury. While Balor did make a scheduled appearance on Good Morning America on Monday morning with no sling in evidence, it has basically been confirmed that he did injure his shoulder in some way during him SummerSlam match. Balor is scheduled to be fully evaluated by doctors after Raw (so, he’s unlikely to actually wrestle tonight), and decisions will be made going forward depending on the final diagnosis. read more

15 Glorious Reactions To An Incredible SummerSlam Weekend

We can say this much for WWE, they know how to put on a spectacle, and their powers were in full force for all of SummerSlam weekend. We saw the first Universal Champion crowned, absolutely glorious debuts, tearful farewells, and an ending that we still can’t quite believe, plus any number of other big moments. We’d love to go over every detail of what has been a very long SummerSlam weekend, but there is not enough time to explain, so we’ll have to sum up instead. Here’s everything that we though was worth talking about from an absolutely packed weekend of wrestling, starting with NXT TakeOver, and going all the way to the bitter end of what felt like a day-long SummerSlam event. read more


Sasha Banks Reportedly Scheduled For Medical Exam, Could Miss Significant Time

Sasha Banks’ shocking loss to Charlotte at SummerSlam, which saw her drop the Women’s Title less than a month after her hugely emotional win, sent the rumor mills spinning almost immediately, especially once it was revealed that she was also removed from live events for at least the next 33 days. We’re being specific about the number of days, because thanks to the recent rash of suspensions for Wellness violations, people instantly became fairly paranoid that The Boss might have also been nabbed with a failure. read more