Day: January 3, 2017


10 Bold Predictions For The Nintendo Switch Presentation

It’s exciting to think that we’re only a couple of months away from being able to get our hands on the Nintendo Switch, the successor to the disappointing Wii U. With many questions still remaining regarding the console itself, including pricing, available games at launch, and even the detachable screen’s battery life, Nintendo has organized a big presentation on Jan. 12th in Tokyo that will provide answers to all of these questions. Still, we can’t help but think that Nintendo will have a few more surprises in store for they much-hyped event, as it’s not unreasonable to say that their future as a console manufacturer hinges on the Switch’s success or failure. Here are a few predictions I have for what will go down at the presentation. read more


The 10 Best Video Games Of 2016

Like pretty much everyone who lived through it, we’re glad that 2016 is now in the rear-view, but amid all the divisive politics, celebrity deaths, and loudmouth, Cheetos-skinned presidents were a ton of great video games. No matter your taste, you didn’t have to look far to find a game worth spending time with in 2016, a year that not only saw several long-in-development games finally see the light of day, but also delivered on the promise of VR, even if all three of the leading virtual reality headsets are still too prohibitively expensive for most consumers to truly enjoy. read more