Month: April 2017

Former TNA Wrestling Stars Are Likely Headed For WWE Main Roster

Former TNA stars — wait, I guess we’re supossed to call it Impact Wrestling now. Former Impact Wrestling stars Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis bolted from the company earlier this year, around the same time as the Broken Hardy Brothers. The couple, who are married in real life, have been a mainstay in the “minor leagues” of pro wrestling, spending almost four years with Ring of Honor before signing with TN — errr, Impact Wrestling (that’s going to take some time to get used to). read more


Mauro Ranallo Throws Shade at WWE Commentators in Return to MMA Announcing

It would have been hard to miss the story about former WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo and the reason he suddenly disappeared from television a couple months ago. Even mainstream media sources were picking up the story of JBL’s (alleged) bullying, which prompted Ranallo, who has a long public history of struggling with depression and bipolar disorder, to basically walk off the job, despite being under contract until August 2017. read more


The 11 Greatest 3D Platformers Of All Time

3D platformers were once one of the most popular genres in gaming, but they have undoubtedly fallen out of vogue over the last decade or so.  Although Nintendo is still doing its best to keep the genre alive with its routinely excellent 3D Mario titles, most developers and publishers long ago abandoned mascot platformers in favor of more “mature” fare like action-adventure and first-person shooter games. Still, for anyone who grew up gaming in the PS1/N64 era, it’s hard not to feel a pang of nostalgia for the glory days of platforming games, as the genre is a shadow of its former self these days. read more

The Miz Reveals The Story Behind That Intense ‘Talking Smack’ Promo On Daniel Bryan

The Miz may have made an impressive return to Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shake-up this week, but for most of the past year, he’s been one of the biggest heels on SmackDown Live. If there’s one moment that truly propelled him to the top of fan’s hate list, it was probably that blistering promo that he cut on Daniel Bryan on one of the early episodes of Talking Smack, the WWE’s live post show that they created when SmackDown moved to live television. read more