Month: April 2017

Here’s All The New Members of Raw After The First Night of “Superstar Shake-Up”

This week, the WWE is doing a “Superstar Shake-up.” Rather than re-drafting in the wake of WrestleMania 33, it sounds like the respective GMs of Raw and SmackDown and simply making trades or signing “free agents.” The kayfabe story behind it all really doesn’t matter though, because the end result is that each show will have some fresh faces and new feuds will emerge. read more


11 Video Games That Resulted in Major Lawsuits

Think the video game industry is all fun and games? Think again. Video games have been the subject of some very monumental lawsuits over the years, and issues involving developers, characters, controversies, and merchandise have tied up courts around the world and resulted in multi-million dollar judgments and settlements. And nobody in the video game world seems to be safe. Everyone from Pac-Man to Donkey Kong has been dragged into ugly legal battles over the years. Here is a list of 11 video games that resulted in major lawsuits. read more


12 Things We Miss The Most About Retro Gaming

“Games aren’t what they used to be.” This is a sentiment that pops up again and again among those who grew up playing games in the 80s and 90s and in many ways, it’s true. Video games have definitely changed a lot over the years, to the point where it’s hard to believe that the same studio that created Crash Bandicoot also delivered something like The Last of Us. read more