Day: April 25, 2018


The 15 Greatest Video Game Reboots That Breathed New Life Into A Franchise

Much like in film and television, reboots have become increasingly popular in the video game industry in recent years and given the nature of the gaming landscape, this trend makes a lot of sense. As a medium, video games have evolved at a much more rapid pace in the last few decades than film or television have over the same period, to the point where anyone making video games in the 1980s or even the 90s could have scarcely imagined how far technology would advance. This step up in graphical horsepower has resulted in a number of ambitious reboots over the series, as developers have taken retro series and transitioned them from 2D into 3D. However, this is only one type of video game reboot and really, any series installment that represents a “refresh” arguably earns the label. read more