Day: July 19, 2019


Aminatou, the Fateshifter Decklist

Hey all! Wally D here. Here’s what’s going on with MTG Casual Play. In a nutshell, not a lot. At the moment I’m knee deep in Dungeons & Dragons content creation with my Wally DM YouTube channel and I am writing a supplementary D&D Puzzle book to help DMs bring super cool non-combat encounters to their game. So am I done writing Commander articles? No, definitely not. But, it will be some time yet before I can jump back into it. In addition to that, if I do start writing again, I may decide to get back on that EDHREC train if they are allowing for old, retired writers to get back on without a ticket. If you have been following me, you will know that from 2016-2017 I was writing the Non-Basically Speaking articles over at EDHREC. They were a lot of fun. Check them out when you have time! read more