Day: June 29, 2020


Astroneer gets industrial with a free Automation update

Whether it’s making honest-to-god computers out of Minecraft redstone or constructing elaborate rube-goldberg machines in Garry’s Mod, it seems unavoidable that any given sandbox game will eventually add complex mechanical systems. Well, now we can add Astroneer to that lineup with this week’s Automation update, which lets you sit back on your space lawnchair and […]


Shakedown: Hawaii breaks onto Steam this August

After a year of tearing up the same turf, it’s time to take the shakedown to another store. Following last year’s debut on the Epic Games Store, Retro City Rampage follow-up Shakedown: Hawaii is bringing its playful, parodical GTA-esque sandbox to Steam this August. But first, developers Vblank Entertainment are once again taking a brief […]


Tales Of Arise has been delayed beyond 2020

Tales Of Arise , the latest in a long line of Bandai Namco’s Tales Of JRPGs (Berseria, Symphonia, Legendia, etcetera), isn’t coming out this year. Revealed last year and in development since before the announcement of Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, the Japanese firm’s fantastical tale of two warring planets needs a little more time […]


Twitch start banning streamers following allegations of sexual abuse and harassment

In a week which has seen hundreds of people accuse various streamers of sexual harrassment, abuse, and predatory behaviour, Twitch are investigating allegations and seem to have started bans. “Those who have come forward have shown incredible strength, vulnerability, and bravery,” Twitch said. Many of the alleged incidents took place off Twitch and it sounds […]


Ubisoft vow to investigate allegations of sexual harrassment and abuse

Ubisoft have conceded they “must do better” to create an “inclusive and safe environment for our teams, players, and communities”, following multiple allegations of sexual abuse, workplace harrassment and violence, and more against numerous employees. The company claim they will investigate accusations, and discipline people as necessary. Amongst this, the creative director of Assassin’s Creed […]