Day: July 7, 2020


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown reviving the racing series

The open-worldracing and conspicuous consumption of Test Drive Unlimited will return after almost a decade in a new game, publishers Nacon announced today. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will vroom off to another island to race around and wear designer clothes. While series creators Eden Games are long-closed, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is being made under the eye of Alain Jarniou, who previously worked on the series as the game director of TDU2. They don’t have much to show of the game for now but hey, it’s coming. read more


Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood comes out next year

The creators of Bloodbowl, Cyanide Studio, have released the first “gameplay trailer” for their upcoming action RPG, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood. Based on the World Of Darkness tabletop RPG, the video game’s a lot going on – freaky creatures, guns, gore, a bit too much punctuation, and now it’s even got a release date. It’s a little ways off yet though, as it’ll be making its way to PC and consoles on February 4th, 2021. read more


Sega Announces Astro City Mini

Sega has officially announced the company’s latest retro console offering, the Astro City Mini. Based on Sega‘s Astro City cabinet, the miniature recreation will offer 36 arcade classics in total. Those titles will encompass a number of fan-favorite Sega franchises, and the system will also feature some modern additions, including a headphone jack, an HDMI-out, a pair of USB-A ports, and a Micro USB port. Sega has not announced a North American release as of this writing, but the console is expected to hit stores in Japan later this year. 10 of the system’s games have been announced by Sega thus far: read more


Frog Fractions: Game Of The Decade hits Steam in August

Have you played Frog Fractions? While it may seem an unassuming amphibious edu-game, Twinbeard’s maths ’em up may be one of the most important games of the last decade. Unfortunately, it’s one that’s increasingly a pain to actually play. Today, Twinbeard “Sandwich Imagineer” Jim Crawford announced that the game’s Steam release is just around the corner, gobbling up its own fraction of Steam this August. read more


Team Go Rocket’s Balloons Are Now Appearing in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go trainers have started to encounter members of Team Go Rocket without spinning Poke Stops. It seems that the villainous team has taken to the skies in a manner that would make Jessie and James quite proud. Hot air balloons have started to appear in the skies above the map, and the occupants can be challenged by trainers. These encounters include both standard Grunts as well as Leaders, depending on whether or not the player has Rocket Radar enabled. Upon spotting the balloon in the skies, players can challenge Team Go Rocket by clicking on it as it hovers by. Like the Poke Stop battles, players can still decline these battles. read more


This Dark Souls 3 mod lets you take a shotgun to Lothric

What was your last build in Dark Souls 3? I’m partial to axes myself, though I’ve had a lot of success in moving to whopping huge greatswords as of late. For my next run, though, I think I’m gonna try something new – blapping my way through Lothric with a sawn-off, filling every undead goon on the walls with buckshot thanks to this ridiculous new mod created by Asasasasasbc. read more