Day: July 8, 2020


Get Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for free with select AMD Ryzen CPUs

Thinking about upgrading your PC this year to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Then AMD have a new free game bundle just for you. From now until October 3rd 2020, anyone who buys a select 3rd Gen Ryzen processor or Ryzen-equipped PC or laptop will get Ubisoft’s upcoming Viking ’em up for absolutely nothing when it launches at the end of this year. Here’s how it works. read more


Xbox Insider Teases What Games to Expect at Xbox Series X Event

An industry insider has teased what Xbox Series X and Xbox One games Xbox fans can expect at Microsoft‘s big Xbox Games Showcase event later this month. Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the event will go down on July 23. At the moment, official details on the event are quite scarce. For example, it’s unclear how long it will be. However, we do know it’s going to focus on both Xbox Series X and Xbox One games. with the focus presumably being on the former. Meanwhile, thanks to the aforementioned insider, we may know some of the games that will be present. read more


The 25 Best PS4 Games

4. Overwatch

Blizzard’s colorful first-person shooter really shouldn’t have worked as well as it did, as it was a full-priced game lacking any sort of offline story component, which as the rotting corpses of games like Evolve has shown, is typically a recipe for disaster. However, Blizzard proved to be the exception, crafting a finely tuned shooter that, despite not featuring a campaign of any sort, is dripping with character thanks to its cast of diverse heroes. read more


Mafia: Definitive Edition has been delayed, but here’s a brief tease

Turns out, not even make-believe crime is safe from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Today, the mob bosses at Hangar 13 announced that Mafia: Definitive Edition, a re-jigged rerelease of the 2002 crime ’em up, will no longer hit its planned August launch. Instead, they’re pushing their old fashioned crime romp into September, with a proper peek at Mafia’s new look set to air later this month. read more


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review

Hyrule Warriors gets a ton of mileage out of fan service, in that the novelty of having characters and settings from across the Zelda franchise proves very difficult to resist. It’s fun getting to experiment with the different characters and seeing how their skill set works in a Warriors game. For instance, Link is a great melee fighter who relies on crowd-clearing sword attacks, while a character like Zelda hits enemies with big blasts of magic. It’s all wonderfully over-the-top and seeing enemies drop copious amounts of rupees or unlocking bombs as a special ranged attack help make Hyrule Warriors feel like a legitimate Legend of Zelda game, rather than just a re-skinned Dynasty Warriors title. If anything, all the flashy, over-the-top moves make me long for a more elaborate combat system in the mainline Zelda games, as it’s hard to go from Link taking enemies out with grace and ease here to practically tripping over himself in Breath of the Wild’s solid, if unspectacular enemy combat.

Hyrule Warriors has a number of different modes to choose from, with “Legend Mode” being the main draw. Here, players progress through a story that spans multiple dimensions and timelines, while also learning the ropes of the game’s systems and being introduced to its large cast of characters along the way. The biggest surprise with Legend Mode is that the story is actually halfway decent! It may not be very memorable when all is said and done, but it does a good job of finding ways to incorporate the franchise’s disparate characters and other elements into a cohesive narrative. It takes a little while to unlock every character — which was a drag for myself as I just wanted to play as Ganon — but then, unlocking new characters, weapons, and new skills is all part of the experience in these games. read more