Day: July 8, 2020


The Sims is getting a reality show

Electronic Arts today announced The Sims 4 is spawning a reality TV show, The Sims Spark’d. No, it’s not about strangers trapped in a swimming pool without a ladder. The four-episode series actually sounds kinda cool, challenging twelve Sims players to build characters, places, and stories in The Sims 4 and maybe win $100,000 (£78k). I’m so impressed by so many of the things players make so sure, I’ll give this a go when it starts this month. Anything to interrupt the six seasons of Ink Master I have so far watched during lockdown. read more


Microsoft’s Project xCloud Is Helping Companies Develop Xbox Games Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has presented gaming companies with a number of difficulties over the last few months. While many were quick to shift to working-from-home, that hasn’t always proven to be an easy transition. Fortunately, it seems that Project xCloud is making it easier for game developers to access Xbox development kits remotely. These development kits are designed to be used in an office environment, but changes have been made in order to improve access and speed up the development process. In a new blog post from Allan Poore, Project xCloud’s partner group program manager discussed the ways in which developers are benefiting from xCloud. read more


10 Reasons Why The Nintendo Switch Had Such A Successful First Year

4. Offering Something Different From The Competition

In terms of raw technical power, the Nintendo Switch lags far behind the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and your average gaming PC. For this reason, there are simply some games that are never going to be released on the Switch, which means that it’s not exactly the best option if you’re a one console household. That being said, much like how the Wii offered an experience you simply couldn’t get on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, so too has the Switch carved out a niche for itself by offering games and an overall entertainment experience that can’t be replicated by the competition. read more


Shantae’s Very Rare, Very Expensive Game Boy Color Game Is Getting A Re-Release

The lowest price on eBay for a legitimate used copy of 2002 Game Boy Color platformer Shantae is around $530. That’s just the cart. Open with box and manual? Nearly $4,000. Sealed and graded? $10,000. As long as the new physical release Limited Run Games announced this afternoon is in the low three figures, I’ll be fine. And if not, it’s coming to the Switch as well. read more


Ninja is streaming on YouTube for the first time

In what must be a huge stroke of luck, some fella called “Ninja” is streaming on YouTube for the first time ever for hundreds of thousands of viewers. “Like, this is my first YouTube stream ever. Ever. Literally ever,” Ninja told his viewers as he dropped out of the battle bus for his first Fortnite match of the stream. I know Fortnite’s popular and all, but wow what an ego boost. read more