Day: August 1, 2020


Crazy Mortal Kombat Mod Makes the Game First-Person

The Mortal Kombat series — including Mortal Kombat 11 — has and will always be a 2D fighter, meaning played on a 2D plane. But what if it was a first-person, or even a third-person game? Well, that will never happen. There’s no reason for NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to so drastically alter with the series’ formula and DNA. However, while this major change will never come officially, we now — unofficially — know what the series could look like with these changes thanks to a new mod. read more


Warframe’s Heart of Deimos lets you pilot undead mechs

Early on in Warframe‘s upcoming Heart of Deimos expansion, you’ll be warned about the Necramechs – the ones left on the infested Martian moon of Deimos have reverted to their “autonomous kill precepts” and will attack you on sight. Fortunately, these hulking biological mechs aren’t all bad – you’ll be able to pilot your very own as you make your way through the Heart of Deimos story missions. read more


Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos expansion is out this month

Warframe‘s gone and infested an entire moon with creepy crawlies for its Heart Of Deimos expansion. Shown properly for the first time during today’s Waframe fan event livestream, the expansion also includes other cool stuff, like customisable Warframe powers and a huge new open world area. But I’m more interested in the pair of gigantic worms endlessly warring to take control of the moon. At least, that’s what I think they’re doing. Guess we’ll find out when the expansion releases on August 25th. read more


New PS5 Rumor Has Xbox Fans Worried

A new PS5 rumor has PlayStation fans very excited, but Xbox and Xbox Series X fans quite worried. With both the Xbox Series X and PS5 so similar in tech, the big distinguishing factor between the two will once again be the exclusive console games each offers. So far PS5 has a new Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Demon’s Souls Remake, and several other heavy hitters announced. Matching this, Xbox has Halo Infinite, Fable, a new RPG from Obsidian, and its own first-party, marquee games. Unlike this generation, which has seen PS4 demolish Xbox One in the exclusives category, this upcoming generation is shaping up to be a real contest, or so we think. read more


Marvel’s Spider-Man Players Celebrate PS4 Game for Spider-Man Day

It’s a good day to be a Spider-Man fan since it’s Spider-Man Day which means people everywhere online are sharing their favorite moments and stories from Spider-Man’s past. If you played through Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, you’re able to join in the conversation by applauding what many players considered to be one of the best representations of the web-slinger we’ve seen across a number of mediums. From touching moments from the game to their favorite wallpapers and costumes captured with the game’s photo mode, players have been sharing on Saturday their favorite memories from the PlayStation 4 game. read more