Day: August 1, 2020


5 Great PS4 Deals on the PlayStation Store You Don’t Want to Miss

The PlayStation Store is currently hosting a massive promotional sale discounting nearly 500 PS4 games. The sale includes not only some of the PS4’s biggest and best games and series, but some of the newer games to hit the system. As a result, not everything falls into the “dirt cheap” category, but they are plenty of deals and steals to be had. And some of these deals and steals are for some great and popular PS4 games. read more


First Free Xbox Live Gold Games for August Now Available

The start of August means Xbox One owners who are also subscribed to Xbox Live Gold now have two more games to download that are included in their subscriptions. Those two games part of the Xbox Games with Gold promotion that happens every month are Portal Knights and MX Unleashed which are now available for different times depending on which you want. You can expect two more games to be free halfway through the month to keep the free games going after you’ve gotten what you want out of the first two. read more


Halo Infinite’s Craig the Brute Is Xbox’s New Mascot

Craig the Brute who was born out of the Halo Infinite has now been embraced by Xbox boss Phil Spencer as the “new official Xbox mascot.” The Craig meme originated from the Xbox Series X showcase where the Brute popped up on the screen for a brief time with a blank, expressionless face. The community naturally ran with the meme to see what they could do with it, and when Spencer was asked about Craig, he applauded the Xbox and Halo community’s ability to do so. read more