Day: August 7, 2020


Phantasy Star Online 2 hits Steam, grabs tens of thousands of players

I’ve been writing a lot of ‘finally’ when it comes to Phantasy Star Online 2 – it finally launched in English earlier this year, it finally hit PC a few months later, and now (finally) it’s available on Steam. While the game’s been free-to-play on every platform it’s been available for, clearly a whole lot of people have been waiting for the Steam version – or have been waiting to make the Switch. read more


PlayStation highlights all the crap you’ll miss out on if you buy Avengers on PC

Exclusive games and content have become less prevalent over the last console generation, and it’s easier than ever to play most of the stuff you want regardless of hardware platform restrictions. But while Sony-published titles like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are making their way to PC, the PlayStation folks are especially keen to guarantee your interest in the platform ahead of the launch of PS5. read more


Fall Guys Bug Turns Wins Into Tragic Losses

Fall Guys players who are lucky enough to make it to the game’s final rounds already survived plenty of pitfalls on their way to a win, but there appears to be a bug affecting one of the game modes that adds one final obstacle to the Episodes. Within the Fall Mountain Finals map where players have to climb an uphill obstacle course before grabbing a crown at the end, there’s an issue players have spotted that prevents them from grabbing the crown entirely. The result is that players climb up the crown instead while they look on in despair as someone else grabs the crown to win without experiencing the same bug. read more