Day: August 8, 2020


Studio Ghibli Meets The Legend Of Zelda in Stunning Breath of the Wind Poster

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s longest running, and most popular, game franchises, with the recent title of Breath of the Wild giving us a fresh new take on characters such as Link, Zelda, and Gannon, as one fan has decided to show what this game might look like as a product of Studio Ghibli. Ghibli, which is often considered to be one of the most legendary animation studios, having created anime feature length films such as Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and many others that have propelled the studio’s brand across the world. read more


Marvel’s Avengers Shows the Potential of a New Hulk Game

Marvel’s Avengers only shows us a fragment of the game’s story and it’s multiplayer modes, but from what we do get to see, the Hulk and Bruce Banner look to be some standout characters. Banner’s relationship with Kamala Khan serves as a catalyst for character development and more poignant moments during their missions, and the Hulk’s playstyle feels more grounded than others with tangible effects during fights. The Hulkhas a ton of potential in Marvel’s Avengers, so much so that it’s enough to make one wonder what a modern game based entirely around the green Avenger would look like. read more


10 Things We Wish We Would’ve Known Before Starting the Beta

Marvel’s Avengers is currently in beta on the PlayStation 4, and over the next few weeks, even more fans will get a chance to check out what the game has to offer on other consoles. The game does a solid job of walking you through how the core combat mechanics work and showing you what your heroes are capable of, both in single-player and multiplayer missions. That said, there are still some things that we wish we would’ve known or understood the importance of before diving too far into the beta, and to help you avoid the same problems I’ve collected 10 of those things right here in one handy place. I know, I’m a giver, and you can check out the next slide to get started. read more


Unlimited Power!

This week on Snapshots: More Ghost of Tsushima screenshots! It’s a gorgeous game with the best photomode…ever? So it makes sense it once again dominates this week. But some other games, like Last of Us and Gran Turismo, get in the mix too. read more


Batman Game Reveal Date Reportedly Leaked

The new Batman Arkham game on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC from Warner Bros. Montreal will apparently be revealed very soon. We first heard about the first Batman game since 2015’s Batman Arkham Knight since 2015 last September. However, since then we haven’t a peep about the game beyond an odd vague teaser here and there. That said, it sounds like this painful wait for Batman fans is about to be over. read more


14 Xbox One and PS4 Games to Play for Free This Weekend

Sony and Microsoft are both having weekends where their online subscriptions are free for all players, and with those free multiplayer weekends come a bunch of games for players to play for free as well. Most of those games are free on the Xbox One and not on the PlayStation 4, but with this being the first full weekend of August, it also means that the first free monthly games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold are now available. Couple that with Xbox’s big summer gaming event and you’ve got a lot of games to pick from for the next few days. read more