Day: August 10, 2020


Fall Guys’ Mini-Games, Ranked

We at Kotaku have been playing a lot of Fall Guys. There are 24 mini-games, and while many of them are good, there are some that are great and others that are terrible. We don’t all agree on which ones those are, though! So here are Fall Guys’ mini-games, ranked from best to worst. read more


Pokemon Journeys Teases Ash and Goh’s Fight Against Eternatus

Pokemon Journeys debuted a brand new opening theme sequence with its newest episode, and it featured one major surprise with the tease of Ash and Goh’s future battle against the Pokemon Sword and Shield legendary Eternatus. The newest opening theme sequence features a lot of surprising moments that outright spoil some major events coming in the series, but this dramatic scene is definitely one of the most poignant considering that it might be far from where the series is now. But that hasn’t stopped the new opening from giving us a peek into the anime’s potential far off future. read more


Warfame sets another new Steam player and Twitch viewer record for TennoCon

Warframe‘s big annual fan convention still managed to convene a lot of fans, despite the fact that it was all-digital this year. TennoCon brought the reveal of the Heart of Deimos and several other big Warframe additions, and might just have set the standard for game reveal events moving forward. It also set new records for Warframe on both Twitch and Steam. read more


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gets a female Eivor trailer

Ubisoft have published a new version of their cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s mighty similar to the first one we saw, though this one includes music from the official soundtrack instead of modern rock. Oh, and it also swaps out bearded Eivor for not-bearded Eivor, the other half of of Valhalla’s interchangeable protagonist. read more

Game Trailers

Gamescom 2020 Livestream: Dirt 5, The Wild at Heart & More | Day 2

The exclusive game trailer and gameplay reveals continue on Day 2 of IGN Live x Gamescom, running from 7:30am –


These 16GB Corsair RAM kits are down to £60 / $60 right now

If your PC’s in need of some more RAM, then there are some great deals to be had on a number of RPS Rig-approved 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX kits at the moment in both the UK and the US. The UK deals come courtesy of Amazon, where you’ll find a 16GB RAM kit clocked at 3200MHz for £60 right now, as well as a pair of 3600MHz modules for an all-time low of just £65, while US buyers can get another 16GB kit clocked at a still decent 3200MHz for $60 over at Newegg. read more


Marvel’s Avengers Soundtrack Gets the Mondo Vinyl Treatment

Mondo and Hollywood Records today revealed a special vinyl soundtrack for Marvel’s Avengers. More specifically, it is of the upcoming video game’s score by composer Bobby Tahouri. The special vinyl soundtrack features art by Phantom City Creative and the vinyl itself is a tri-colored deal with red, gold, and blue. And it is available to pre-order right now for $25, and it is expected to ship in October. read more


What Is The Forbidden Book, And Other Blaseball Questions Answered

As the baseball season hobbles on like a drunken three-legged cat with rickets, fans in search of an organized sports fix have found a new sensation on which to hyperfocus: Blaseball. Blaseball (and I’m going to kill my autocorrect function before this piece is over, I swear) is what would happen if the delightfully twisted people behind the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast teamed up to reinvent baseball with the people who wrote the brilliant “17776”. It’s a game that’s part sports simulation/part interactive storytelling experiment that is as frustrating as it is fun. read more


New Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War teasers turn out to be a bust

We still haven’t gotten an official reveal for Call of Duty 2020, but it looked like the end of that wait was in sight – briefly, anyway. A new set of teasers from Activision had led fans and influencers to believe that a reveal might be coming as soon as August 14, but it looks like that date just brings us to another set of teasers. read more