Day: August 11, 2020


Rockstar Games Addresses How Broken Red Dead Online Is Right Now

Rockstar Games has addressed how broken Red Dead Online is right now on Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Google Stadia. The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 update has broken Red Dead Online for many players, particularly on PS4. In some cases, NPCs are gone, while in others shooting doesn’t even work. In other words, it’s not just a bug or two. The game isn’t entirely broken — it still runs — but it’s certainly not running as intended, again, at least for some players. read more


I (Almost) Miss When The Shanghai Dragons Were OWL’s Worst Team

Overwatch League’s Countdown Cup concluded over the weekend with the (unsurprising) crowning of the San Francisco Shock and the Shanghai Dragons as the winners of the North American and Asian regions, respectively. The Shanghai Dragons are my team. I braved their inaugural 0-40 season when the Dragons did not win a single game. I am an OG fan. A forever fan, which makes what I’m about to say next surprising and borderline blasphemous: It was more fun when they weren’t winning. read more


Grounded’s first major update launches this month

Obsidian’s Grounded might have been a departure for a developer famous for RPG games, but the studio’s step into survival games has proven successful. The game’s a hit in Early Access, and the question players have now is simple – what’s next? The first patch brought a load of bug fixes, and with the next content update scheduled for launch very soon, Obsidian has started to tease what’s next. read more


Did Pokemon Journeys Just Introduce Goh’s Own Pikachu?

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has introduced to a new hero who is not out to be a Pokemon Master, but instead is trying to quite literally catch ’em all. This means that new hero Goh will most likely get his own Pikachu someday, and now a new promo for upcoming episodes of the anime teases that Goh will be getting his own Pikachu fairly soon. As Goh has been catching a ton of Pokemon with each new episode of the series, his collection will eventually lead to Pikachu’s evolutionary line as well regardless of whether or not there’s already a Pikachu at the center of the series already. read more


Here’s why Fortnite fans believe Thor and Galactus are landing in the Hightower event

It’s time to start looking forward to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, since – unlike the last couple of seasons – it looks like it’s actually going to end on time. Dataminers have found hints about the next major event for the game under the name ‘Hightower’, and there’s mounting evidence that Marvel’s Thor and Galactus will factor into that event somehow. read more


Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher is joining Rainbow Six Siege

Three green eyes lurk in the shadows of Rainbow Six Siege, which means it’s time for Tom Clancy stealth buff Sam Fisher to join the wargames. It might be five years since he last headlined his own game, but the Splinter Cell star will join Team Rainbow in Operation: Shadow Legacy. Expect more intel on the ageing sneaker’s career change alongside the update’s full reveal this Sunday. read more