Day: August 12, 2020


Secretlab League of Legends Gaming Chair Review: Subtle Styles and Comforts

Secretlab’s latest collab with Riot Games and League of Legends feels like it’s been a long time coming. We’ve seen esports-focused products from the pair to commemorate special occasions, partnerships, and competitive leagues, but never until now have we seen the actual champions that define League earn their spots on the fronts and backs of the company’s top-tier chairs. Secretlab’s Champions Collection of League chairs changes that, and after using one for a while, it’s clear they’re natural fits for League players who want something to complement their pastime and keep them comfortable. read more


Here’s why Dragon Ball Z is part of the Rainbow Six Siege cinematic universe

Sam Fisher will return in Rainbow Six Siege. Sure, that’s not exactly the new Splinter Cell game you’ve probably been wanting, but Fisher’s debut opens up something that might be even better – it ensures that Siege and Dragon Ball Z exist within the same fictional universe. Once again, the community has done the legwork to ensure we all have this extremely valuable information. read more


These are the Marvel’s Avengers system requirements – minimum and recommended PC specs

As the Marvel’s Avengers release date draws near, you may find yourself wondering, “can I run Marvel’s Avengers on my PC?” Fret not, dear player, because the system requirements for Square Enix’s MCU-flavoured action-adventure game have now been revealed, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need inside your case for the best experience when it comes to Steam next month. read more


New Tony Hawk Game Renames Trick to Honor its Creator

When Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 releases next month, fans of the original games might notice that one of the tricks has been renamed. On Instagram, Tony Hawk revealed that the Mute air/grab has been renamed the Weddle Grab after its originator, Chris Weddle. Weddle is deaf, and was often considered quiet by his fellow skaters. In what Tony Hawk refers to as their “naive youth,” the skaters gave it the original name. Tony Hawk reached out to Weddle last year, asking him what name he might prefer to see in the game, prompting the change. The full story can be found in the Instagram post below. read more