Day: August 13, 2020


Here’s what you need to know about Epic and Apple’s war over Fortnite

Fortnite has been kicked from the iOS App Store, after Epic set up a direct payment system to bypass Apple’s 30% cut of all purchases on the platform. Now, Epic has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the App Store constitutes an unlawful monopoly, and begun a #FreeFortnite PR campaign in an effort to bring fans in on the game publisher’s side. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happened and what it means for Fortnite. read more


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Creator Teases Talks With Ubisoft Over Delisted Video Game

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has revealed that Ubisoft has reached out to him, presumably about getting Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game delisted. Earlier this month, O’Malley revealed on the series’ 10-year anniversary that Ubisoft had not contacted him about reviving the dead and unavailable game. However, apparently things have changed. read more


Dead By Daylight has cross-play now

August is a weird month. It can have the hottest days of the year, while simultaneously starting to give everyone odd autumnal vibes. I’m the sort of person that gets to August and says “hm, yes, Halloween is soon”. So, what better game for fine summer’s day than Dead By Daylight? Behaviour Interactive’s 1v4 horror game added cross-platform multiplayer today, so now PC and console peeps will be able to join together for murderous shenanigans. read more


Fortnite’s latest live event is a lawsuit against Apple

The latest show to hit Fortnite‘s Party Island isn’t a blow-out concert or Chris Nolan flick. Somehow, it’s weirder. Hop in front of Fortnite’s big telly right now and you’ll find a call to “#FreeFortnite” from the supposed tyranny of tech giant Apple, who today removed the battle royale from the App Store for sidestepping its revenue policies. Now, Epic are taking Apple to court – and they’ve got an in-game ad campaign to make sure public perception is on their side. read more


Warframe preps for Heart of Deimos with – oh God no

Warframe‘s next major expansion, Heart of Deimos, is scheduled to launch later this month. For now, the game’s gotten an update to preview what’s coming and – oh no. I already regret putting that image in above. You can now look at the Helminth in greater detail if you enjoy nightmares, but the update also includes a notable shift to Orokin Derelicts and a nog change to the end-of-mission UI. read more


The Animated Series Posters Got Made

Toys and CollectiblesAction figures, statues, exclusives, and other merchandise. Beware: if you look here, you’re probably going to spend some money afterwards.

In 2018, artist Justin Erickson and Mondo’s celebration of one of the best Batman adaptations of all time wowed us with some truly stunning works. And now, you can see them, along with the process Erickson took to arrive to his final pieces, in a new artbook—and we’ve got a look inside. read more


Marvel’s Spider-Man Post-Credit Scene Was “Stacking the Deck” for Miles Morales Game

When Insomniac Games was working on Marvel’s Spider-Man, the team purposefully added a post-credit sequence featuring Miles Morales in order to convince Marvel to let them do a follow-up. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Insomniac creative director Bryan Intihar revealed new information behind the genesis of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game is set to launch alongside the PlayStation 5 later this year, and it seems that the team at Insomniac wanted to make a game centered around the hero very early on. Intihar says the post-credit scene where Miles gets bitten by a spider was the team “stacking the deck” to make it happen. read more


Best budget gaming laptop deals of the week – August 13th 2020

The US continues to get some pretty great gaming laptop deals this week, with two new entries from Newegg, making it a great time to pick up a powerful gaming laptop for under £1000 / $1000. The variety of UK deals remains pretty constant, too, and we’ve even rounded up a couple of RTX 2060 models in this price range, too. That’s pretty good going considering these types of laptops often cost a lot more, so to help you find the best budget gaming laptop deal possible, we’ve rounded all of our top picks for UK and US buyers below. read more