Day: August 15, 2020


Pokemon Journeys Ushers in Celebi’s Anime Return

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has been teasing fans about a more direct connection to the franchise’s Legendary Pokemon than ever before, and now the newest episode of the series has made good on that promise with Celebi’s grand return to the anime. The newest opening theme for the series teased Celebi’s big return to the anime franchise with a brief cameo, but fans did not have to wait long to see the Legendary as it actually made its return with the same episode that this new opening theme debuted alongside with. It was a big episode for a number of reasons. read more


Epic's Fortnite beef with Apple and Google is just, but weaponising fans is irresponsible

Yesterday, Epic Games appeared to intentionally violate Apple and Google app store rules to get Fortnite removed so they could jump-start a protest. Sick of mobile stores taking a 30% cut of microtransactions, they added a payment option bypassing official systems – something both stores forbid. Epic surely knew this, and the fact that they had lawsuits and an embarrassing protest video ready to go sure makes it seems like they suspected Fortnite might get kicked out. Epic do have one of the few products large enough to make a splash so hey, good on ’em for making a stand. I wish they’d done it without trying to weaponise fans. read more


New Batman Arkham Game May Release Way Sooner Than You Think

The new Batman Arkham game, believed to be called Batman: Gotham Knights, may release way sooner than you think. At the moment of publishing, Warner Bros. Montreal hasn’t revealed what is presumably a PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC game, but it’s expected that will change on August 22 at DC FanDome. And it looks like not only will the game be revealed at the show, but a somewhat imminent release date may be shared as well. read more


League of Legends Players Are About to Choose the Best Spirit Blossom Champion

League of Legends players have been working their way towards a big decision over the past couple of days: Which Spirit Blossom champion is the best of all? Those opinions have been channeled into votes on Twitter submitted to a series on ongoing polls from Riot Games where the League team pitted one Spirit Blossom champion against another until there were only two left. The two final choices are Spirit Blossom Kindred and Spirit Blossom Ahri, and players only have a short while left to vote on which one they think is best. read more


The Last Laugh Bundle Announced with Joker, Poison Ivy Skins

Fortnite is getting another DC crossover on November 17th with the release of the new DLC called Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle. Included in that set are a number of different cosmetics to accessorize players as if they were some of DC’s greatest villains including the Joker and Poison Ivy, both of which are getting their own unique Fortnite skins in the bundle. Several other cosmetics are included in the bundle like pickaxes and back blings which add up to a decent value considering how much is included for $30. read more


Daniel Bryan Declares He Is Starting His Own Twitch Channel

gDaniel Bryan might not seem to be the likeliest WWE superstar to dive into starting a Twitch channel. After all, the former world champion admits he hasn’t played much in the way of video games since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. However, after watching his wife, Brie Bella, appear on ESPN 2 playing the UFC 4 video game, Bryan took to social media and joked about maybe getting the itch to start-up on Twitch. Perhaps someone can show him out to stream some old 8-bit classics? read more