Day: August 16, 2020


Madden NFL 21 Soundtrack Revealed

EA has pulled back the curtain on the full list of songs that fans can expect to hear when Madden NFL 21 releases later this month. The soundtrack was revealed via the game’s official Twitter account, and it features a number of tracks that seem fairly appropriate for the game’s theme. The soundtrack features a heavy emphasis on hip-hop, with several tracks created specifically for the game. There are 18 songs in total, and players that want to take a listen before the game releases can find the soundtrack streaming on Spotify and Apple. The full soundtrack is as follows: read more


Warzone Bug Is Making Everything Invisible

A new bug has been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone, and it’s making things randomly invisible in the game. The glitch was shared to Reddit by user freeyungal, and it shows a completely invisible truck. In addition, one teammate is invisible, as well! The bug does not appear to be as prominent as some of the other glitches found in the game, but it certainly seems like the kind of thing that could cause a lot of frustration! Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to officially comment on the glitch, but readers can view a video of the problem in the Reddit post below. read more


Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Master Roshi as New DLC Fighter

As expected, Dragon Ball FighterZ today revealed its latest and greatest DLC fighter is none other than Master Roshi! Well, the “Master Roshi” part is new, anyway, but the announcement of the new DLC fighter was expected. Master Roshi’s reveal leaves just two open slots in the current fighter pass that have yet to be revealed with Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku preceding him. Master Roshi’s reveal is also the first in several months with Ultra Instinct Goku, the most recent DLC fighter, having released back in May. read more


Apex Legends Reveals Rampart’s Abilities

Ahead of the Season 6 – Boosted launch tomorrow, developer Respawn Entertainment has finally revealed the abilities for Rampart, the latest and greatest character being added to the popular battle royale video game Apex Legends. Rampart was revealed as the new Season 6 Legend earlier this month, and while her abilities have been hinted at and teased before, this marks the first time that they have been detailed in full. read more


Rainbow Six Siege match replay system hits test servers soon

Want to know when you’ll have access to the Rainbow Six Siege match replay system? It’s been a long wait for players who want to be able to properly analyse their Siege matches. A match replay system has been spoken about for years, officially confirmed at this year’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational (SI 2020), and officially delayed in May with the reveal of Operation Steel Wave. read more


Nintendo Switch Leak Reveals Return of Cult Classic GameCube Game

A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite leak has revealed the return of a cult-classic GameCube game. Historians, experts, and fans alike all agree the GameCube is the greatest Nintendo console of all time. And it had some great games. And one of these games is going to live again on a Nintendo platform. More specifically, it looks like 2005 cult-classic Killer7 is coming to the Switch and Switch Lite soon. read more