Day: August 17, 2020


Apex Legends season 6 patch notes – all armour is now Evo armour

The Apex Legends season 6 patch notes have finally arrived, and with them, an explanation for what that whole Apex Legends crafting system is all about, as well as all the Rampart abilities. But there are some big, unexpected changes there too – like the fact that all armour is now Evo armour. The notes also include major buffs to Bloodhound and a small revamp for Crypto, and they both now get to use Pathfinder’s survey beacons. And there’s a Mozambique buff! read more


Steam is Down, and Users are Freaking Out

Steam users have been unhappy to discover that the platform is experiencing some unplanned downtime today. The issue has caused a lot of problems for users, and many took to social media to air their frustrations. At this time, it appears that the site is back to normal, but some users still seem to be experiencing difficulties with services. As of this writing, Steam has yet to officially comment on the issue, leaving users to speculate about the issue, and even the safety of their credit card information. Hopefully, a resolution and clear answer will be provided by the company sooner, rather than later! read more


Epic asks court to prevent Apple removing Fortnite

It was too much to hope for that Epic Games and Apple would take their fight quietly to a court room, it seems. After their very dramatic 1984 propaganda spinoff video, Epic are committed to having it out in public. The latest legal maneuver in the proceedings comes from Epic, who have asked the a US district court for northern California to prevent Apple from terminating their developer program account and reinstate Fortnite in the App Store. read more


Apple’s retaliation in the Fortnite war might kill Unreal on Mac and iOS

After removing Fortnite from the iOS store, it seems Apple has another retaliatory action in mind – cutting off Epic’s access to development tools for iOS and Mac platforms. That’s according to a new court filing from Epic, and it would mean that the company would be unable to continue developing Unreal Engine for Apple platforms, which would effectively kill the engine there. That could, in turn, have catastrophic effects for the games which use Unreal. read more


Pokemon Coco Shares New Key Art

Pokemon will soon be launching the 23rd film in the franchise in Japan later this year, and has released some new key art to celebrate! After delaying the film from its initially scheduled release in July to this December as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon the Movie: Coco is now speeding toward its Winter release in Japan with new promotional materials such as trailers and posters. But the newest key art for the film teases something new that we have yet to see in the trailers released thus far. read more


A Racist Overwatch Team Got Banned, But I Still Feel Like Shit

Despite having not played in a while, I love Overwatch. I love its bright and vibrant characters from every part of the world (with one glaring omission). I love its message of hope for better, and how we all have the capacity to affect positive change. As the heroine Tracer says, “the world could always use more heroes.” I love Overwatch esports, the friends I’ve made within that community, and the opportunities I’ve had to interview players and fans and write about the game. But this weekend reminded me that sometimes this game does not love me back. read more