Day: August 18, 2020


Total War: Three Kingdoms’ first expansion pack is out next month

Following a string of smaller DLCs, Creative Assembly have announced the first full expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Named The Furious Wild, it’s inviting you to delve into the jungles of Southern China to meet four new warlords. They each lead a new playable faction – I’m a big fan of the one who brings tigers to the battlefield, she definitely looks cooler than the dude with the elephants (you’ll see him in a minute). Launching on September 3rd, the expansion will also extend the game’s map into this region. read more


A Grounded roadmap is on the way

Grounded is getting its first major update later this month, and we’ve scarcely got a clue what will be in that patch – but developer Obsidian plans to offer up a clearer look at future updates. In a community update, the studio has detailed its plans to bring together a roadmap of future content and an issue tracker so you’ll know which bugs are getting fixed next. read more


Fall Guys Twitter Account Wages War Against TimTheTatMan

The official Fall Guys Twitter account has been having a lot of fun at the expense of TimTheTatMan over the last few days. The streamer has yet to earn a crown in the PS4/Steam game and developer Mediatonic has not let him live down his many losses. While earning crowns in the game can be a bit difficult, streamers tend to be the best of the best, so there is a bit of pride involved. It seems all but inevitable that TimTheTatMan will eventually get a win, but until that day comes, it seems the account will continue to pester the streamer. read more