Day: August 19, 2020


Razer just put all these peripherals on sale for up to a third off

Razer, the viperous black-and-green gaming peripheral giant, has just put a whole bunch of its products on sale for Amazon’s Gaming Week. We’re talking some of the best gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets on the market today. And these aren’t small discounts either. At the time of writing, we only have UK (GBP) prices for these products, but we expect similar savings across the pond in USD. read more


Xbox Series X Price May Be More Expensive Than You Think Suggests New Information

The Xbox Series X‘s price may be more expensive than you think, or at least that’s what some new information from Microsoft suggests. The Xbox Series X is set to release this November, yet there’s still no word of a price point, which means pre-orders are still not live. However, this should change in the coming weeks. Microsoft is running out of time to reveal the console’s price, unless of course it’s not actually releasing this year, but every time this question is directed at Microsoft, it has asserted the console will 100 percent be dropping in 2020. read more


Spiritfarer Is A Chill, Touching Take On A Stressful Genre

Spiritfarer, which is described by developer Thunder Lotus Games as a “cozy management game about dying,” came out yesterday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. I’m only a few hours into this massive, striking game—it’s reportedly 30 to 40 hours long—but those words seem remarkably accurate so far. To play Spiritfarer is to light some candles, make a cup of Chamomile, and curl up under a cashmere throw. It’s more or less Hygge the Game. read more


This Cities: Skylines mod lets you walk and drive around your city, GTA-style

Once you’ve built a city, then you’ve got to start living in it. At least, that’s the life Cities: Skylines players have been trying to live pretty much since launch, and the thought of being able to explore your city at the human eye level has already inspired countless mods, and even an official feature in the console editions. Now a new mod aims to make the experience quite a bit smoother. read more


TimTheTatman finally wins a crown in Fall Guys

I don’t even watch “TimTheTatman”s Twitch streams and I’m well aware that he’s been struggling for over a week to win a single game of Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout. As a big name streamer, or so I gather, Tim wasn’t allowed to suffer in silence. Oh no, his repeated and shameful failures were commented on by his viewers, his streaming friends, Twitch, and even Fall Guys itself. As of today, he’s finally managed to bag a coveted crown and I’d like to think this is a moment of inspiration for Fall Guys failures everywhere. read more


Black Ops Cold War Trailer Has Fans Hyped

After months of speculation and rumors – and days of fans hunting for Easter eggs – the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise has officially been revealed. On Wednesday, a teaser trailer was uncovered for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a new game that is set to be released on the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime this year. The teaser provided an incredibly dynamic look at how Call of Duty will reboot the Black Ops brand, with the use of real-world footage from the Cold War era. read more


Black Ops Cold War Officially Revealed With First Teaser Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has finally been revealed for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. After months and months of numerous rumors, reports, and even leaks, Activision and Treyarch confirmed what the world has known for a while: this year’s new Call of Duty game will release this year and will reboot the Black Ops brand, similarly to how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare rebooted the Modern Warfare brand. read more