Day: August 21, 2020


Why Do Classic Uno Video Game Intros Go So Hard

While the social dynamics can be interesting, I wouldn’t call Uno the most exciting game in the world, and that naturally extends to its many video games. Someone didn’t get the memo when they were working on the intros for these Japan-exclusive adaptations, which seem like they belong to completely different genres until their titles actually appear. read more


Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Review: Jack is Back

It’s been three years now, and the idea that Samurai Jack‘s fifth season even exists is still incredible. Here you have a cult classic cartoon from the early 2000s — one that was light on story but slathered in visuals, setting, action and tone — revived years later with its original creator to give fans a resolution they never thought they’d see. And when the credits rolled as Jack sat under that tree in May 2017, many thought that was the last they’d see of Genndy Tartakovsky’s cult classic creation. But developers Soleil prove there’s still a lot of fun to be had in the world of Samurai Jack thanks to the new hack and slash game, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. read more


Minecraft player demonstrates all the ways you can glitch through walls

Minecraft‘s walls are really more suggestions than actual walls – even the ones you can’t mine through. When you absolutely, positively must force your way through some bedrock, there are always wall glitches to take advantage of. It turns out that there are numerous ways to make a mockery of walls in Minecraft, and one player has gone to the trouble of making a video to demonstrate them all. read more


2000’s JRPG ‘Summer Of Adventure’ Saw Square At The Height Of Its Powers

Twenty years ago this month Square released Chrono Cross, a big, beautiful mess of a game bursting at the seams with style, atmosphere, and Japanese RPG minutia. But it wasn’t the only major game Square released that summer. The publisher also delivered Threads of Fate and Legend of Mana, two other games that riffed on the classic Square JRPG in fun and interesting ways. It was a lovely time and I miss everything about it. read more


Blaseball may return next week

Looks like your favorite procedurally generated democratic sports betting simulator may be stepping back up to the plate. The Grand Siesta is coming to an end, it seems. The Blaseball Commissioner (who I hear is doing a great job) announced in somewhat certain terms that Blaseball would be “back” on Monday, August 24th. read more


Black Ops Cold War Leak Reveals Great News About Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC will reportedly have one of Modern Warfare’s most controversial features. To balance this out, a new report has surfaced with some great news about the multiplayer of the new Black Ops game. As you may know, last year Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduced cross-play to the series, allowing PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players to play together, regardless of platform. It was a long-overdue feature and a popular one. So, perhaps it’s not very surprising to hear it’s coming back. read more


Minecraft combat snapshot 8 buffs potions and restores bow fatigue

Minecraft‘s combat rework had been on ice for a long while, but it looks like Mojang is making up for lost time. The third revision of the month, combat snapshot 8b, is now live with another set of changes. There aren’t any huge gameplay tweaks this time – instead, we’ve mostly got balance adjustments, which offer up hope that the changes will be hitting the live game sooner rather than later. read more


I’m Sorry To Say Laurence Fishburne Died In The 2005 Matrix MMORPG

Laurence Fishburne recently confirmed that he won’t be coming back for The Matrix 4. This seems to suggest Morpheus, a character featured in the first three films, won’t return in the upcoming sequel. But there are also rumors swirling that a younger Morpheus will be in the film, played by a new actor. So why a younger, pre-trilogy Morpheus or possibly no Morpheus at all? I blame The Matrix Online, the audacious MMORPG which killed him. read more