Day: September 14, 2020


Here’s Why Gods & Monsters Is Now Immortals Fenyx Rising

When Ubisoft first revealed Immortals Fenyx Rising, the game had a different name: Gods & Monsters. The publisher quietly changed the title a while back, but little information was given on the reason for the decision. In an interview with Gamespot, game director Scott Phillips revealed that the decision was made based on the direction the game took during the development process. According to Phillips, the developers wanted to focus more on the main character Fenyx, and the new title reflects the character’s importance to the narrative, as opposed to the Greek gods that appear as part of the game. read more


Xbox Updates Official Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Pages

Microsoft has updated the official pages for its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles to showcase the features that will be available from the two platforms when they release later this year. While neither page offers much in the way of new information, both compile much of the existing information in one handy location, as well as an in-depth breakdown of the interior of the two systems. For those considering purchasing either console, it should be a handy tool! The official page for the Xbox Series X can be found right here, while the page for the Xbox Series S can be found right here. read more


Star Wars: Squadrons introduces an Imperial pilot

Star Wars: Squadrons is suiting up for takeoff next month, as are the pilots you’ll meet during your space battles. Motive Studios have produced a new story short to introduce you to one of ’em. Varko Grey is in a spot of trouble when he misses the bus during an Imperial retreat from battle. It’s called “Hunted”, which is what happens when an Alliance pilot spots him adrift without his squad. read more


Facebook Unintentionally Reveals Oculus Quest 2

On Wednesday, Facebook is expected to officially unveil the Oculus Quest 2, following an unintentional leak on the company’s blueprint website. It appears that the information has since been taken down, but the site included full specs for the headset, as well as a pair of promotional videos showcasing the hardware. According to the leaked material, the headset is a smaller version of the Oculus Quest, with greater resolution, and a faster CPU. It will be compatible with Oculus Link, and all previously released Oculus Quest games. The new hardware can be seen in the video at the top of this post. read more


Fall Guys used to have a Cheater Island

As is the way with competitive multiplayer games, cheaters gonna cheat their way to cheap wins. Fall Guys is no different, despite appearing adorable and lighthearted. Folks really want those crowns without breaking a sweat. Mediatonic have revealed a now-closed secret set of servers where cheaters were once banished. They’ve shut it down now, but cheaters will still be getting the boot with some new anti-cheat support. read more


Fortnite Servers Are Currently Down

It appears that Fortnite is facing some server issues related to log ins, as several posters across social media are reporting issues with the game. As of this writing, it is not known how long the game will be down for, but the official Fortnite Status Twitter account has stated that an update will be issued when there has been a resolution. Until the publisher states otherwise, this should be considered a temporary issue, and it should be resolved by Epic Games rather quickly. For now, it seems that players will just have to sit tight! read more