Day: October 14, 2020


Dr Disrespect Is Officially a Video Game Character

Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is now playable in Rogue Company as a Legendary Skin for Dallas. The streamer appears in the game alongside a brand-new map called “The Arena.” In true Dr Disrespect fashion, The Arena is covered in the character’s likeness. The map was designed by Beahm, who previously worked on maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare while working for Sledgehammer Games. Dr Disrespect has been teasing the upcoming map over the last few weeks, but footage of the map, and the Dr Disrespect skin, were both revealed in a new video from the streamer. The video can be found embedded in the Tweet below. read more


Back of PS5 Game Boxes Revealed

We’ve seen artwork for next-gen PlayStation 5 games more than once by now, but so far, those reveals have focused only on the front of the boxes. Thanks to some new images from Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford showing off the box for Godfall, we now have a new look at what the back of the boxes will look like. We can also see now that Godfall is physically boxed up and ready to ship to PlayStation 5 owners whenever the game and the console release next month. read more


World Of Warcraft’s pre-expansion patch is out now

While World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands is delayed, the pre-expansion patch introducing many of its big changes has arrived. Here’s one to start: WoW’s level cap is now 50. It’s come all the way the down from 120 as Blizzard rescale everything. The new starter zone is in too, easing newbies in on a new island. Plus each class gets access to some of the thematically-defining skills usually confined to subclasses, such as a few poisons for Rogues. And new cosmetic character options are in. Who even wants to go to the afterlife when you can play dress-up? read more


Corsair’s best gaming keyboards are up to $70 off at Best Buy

It’s been pretty slim pickings for good gaming keyboard deals this Amazon Prime Day, and it’s probably because the best ones aren’t actually on Amazon. If you’re in the US, you can currently get the top-flight Corsair K95 Platinum for $70 off at Best Buy, as well as $60 off Corsair’s mid-range K70 RGB MK.2 as well, making them significantly cheaper than what you’ll find over at Amazon right now. Plus, they’re both covered by Best Buy’s Black Friday guarantee, so their prices won’t go any lower come Black Friday next month. Bargain! read more