343 Industries Claims Halo: Infinite Won’t Feature Actual Currency Loot Boxes

There’s a big concern over loot boxes lately with even governments getting involved due to the gambling nature surrounding these microtransactions. At any rate, whenever a new game is announced or gearing up for release, there is some concern as to what the developers added in for players to purchase with their hard earned money. One of those upcoming video games in the works is the next main installment to the Halo franchise, Halo: Infinite.

During E3 2018, Microsoft gave their audiences at the press conference and at homes worldwide the first reveal of the next Halo title. Halo: Infinite doesn’t have very many details about the game quite yet but as the development team works on the title, one new position the studio is hiring for does indicate microtransactions are inbound. Reported by Gamerant, it looks like a new job opening was posted for the development team that indicates in-game microtransactions, but it doesn’t appear that this will require real money.

Rumors started to spread online that Halo: Infinite will feature loot boxes causing studio head Chris Lee to make a quick statement on Twitter. Within the statement, Chris stated that there would not be any loot boxes that would require real-money. Unfortunately, there is no other news stated on just how easy players can earn the in-game currency or if players could purchase the currency separately.

Again, with loot boxes being a controversial in-game microtransaction already, there’s going to be plenty of eyes watching 343 Industries as they prepare the game for an official release.

[Source: Gamerant]


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