4 Million Gamers Have Played PUBG On Xbox One

PUBG’s Xbox One version – while riddled with issues – is performing phenomenally well on Microsoft’s Platform. Most recently, the massive battle royale title has hit a total of 4 million players on the Console.

As a result of this monumental achievement, Microsoft is awarding players who have created a character before January 31 at 12AM PST with 30,000 Battle Points to purchase cosmetic crates in the game.

Sammie Kang, Lead Community Manager of PUBG Corp. stated in an article that the team is appreciative of the community feedback and will continue to work hard on turning the game into a true Xbox One experience.

‘We will continue to build on the foundation we’ve laid with PUBG on Xbox One with the feedback received from the community an’d we encourage you to continue in your pursuit of chicken dinners! Be sure to stay tuned to Xbox Wire and Major Nelson for all the latest PUBG news. See you on the battleground!

PUBG has been out on early access for Xbox One since December 2017. The game has been noted across the community as extremely buggy, and a long way from completion. That being said PUBG Corp. has been hard at work consistently pumping out updates to optimize the shooter. It’s still got a long way to go, but it’s on the right path.


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