4K Graphics Promised For Halo 4

Don’t expect anything less than crystal clear quality with the upcoming Halo Infinite. According to the official webpage of the upcoming title, alien-blasting Spartans can expect the game to be Xbox One X enhanced with it running in 4K resolution with HDR support.

This means that Halo Infinite will, in fact, be a current gen release (and not a game targeted for the next Xbox One as some might have thought). That being said, considering the game is being teased towards the end of the Xbox One’s lifespan, I’m sure we can expect a re-release when the console gets’s launched.

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In other news, Halo Infinite will focus on Masterchief and not other Spartans or soldiers.

One of the biggest reveals during Microsoft’s E3 press conference was Halo: Infinite. This was the game that kicked off Microsoft’s presentation, but it didn’t come with really any details regarding what players can expect. As a result, rumors and speculation pieces started to run rampant online but now thanks to a 343 Industry blog post, we have a bit more of an idea on what the upcoming Halo game will be about.


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