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DropMix is the coolest, dumbest new music game

Ever since I first played the Japanese version of PaRappa the Rapper back in early 1997, I’ve had a love for music-based games. In the years to come, the growing genre would be fed by a wide array of ideas and attempts, and one of the things that I appreciated was that developers seemed far more willing to take chances there than they would in other, most established genres.… Read the rest

Music news

Persona 5’s Full Soundtrack Is Now Available On iTunes

The collector’s edition of Persona 5 included a sampler soundtrack of the game, but now you can grab the full, 110 track album from iTunes.

You can head here for the download, which is $29.99 – pricey for a soundtrack. It’s worth noting however, that to buy each track separately would cost $141.90, so make sure you consider that before hitting the purchase button 110 times.… Read the rest