Day: August 8, 2016


Nearby Gets Tweaked And Battery Saver Mode Returns To Pokémon Go

A new update, available now on Android and iPhone, tackles a number of bugs, changes features, and adds a new safety measure.[excerpt]

You can check out the full patch notes below.

It’s mostly bug fixes, but the three big changes are the return of battery saver mode, the inclusion of a new safety measure that prevents players from playing while driving, and changes to the Nearby radar.… Read the rest


Selma and the Wisp

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this game.  It’s a modern day side scroller with a very dark feel to it.  Now before you just go on and give it some harsh judgement because it is a sidescroller, let me say that it is not the easiest game to play. … Read the rest


Transformers: The Movie Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

We didn’t want to let August 8, 2016 pass without a mention of today’s big 30-year movie anniversary. The Transformers animated movie released in theaters on this day back in 1986. While its original release met middling reviews, it has garnered increased recognition and praise as the years have passed, largely in thanks to a generation of moviegoers who saw the movie as children, and now look back with great fondness on the animated film.… Read the rest