Day: March 18, 2017


What To Watch This Weekend: Hearthstone, Rocket League, And Street Fighter V

Splits, Invitationals, and more collide this weekend! Well, not really. They’re not taking place in the same venue or anything. But they are all happening this weekend and there’s a lot of them, so hunker down and watch something!

The Hearthstone Trinity Series finals will pit some of eSports’ top teams (like Team Liquid and Virtus Pro) against each other for a shot at the $75,000 for first place.… Read the rest


The Envavo Heatbuff is an infra-red lamp to keep your fingers warm as you play


What is the future of gaming and workstations? I won’t keep you in suspense: It’s warm hands. So says the Kickstarter for the Envavo Heatbuff, anyway. It’s an infra-red hand heater that looks like it’s been carved off the back of the USS Enterprise and promises to “increase your performance and comfort during computer usage,” in particular when you’re playing games.

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