have added 2 videos of me playing this fantastic game, in the first you get to see me make it up to the boss wave but get destroyed in it.   In the second, you get to see me make it past the first boss wave, collecting a score of over 13k.


I want to start this review by saying that this game is a perfect representation of what i want to see in a old school wave survival game. You only have three settings for difficuilty which makes me chuckle about it, seeing as there is no easy.   The music on here kicks ass, you get 3 different metal instrumental tracks for each survival level. The graphics are outstanding for what the game is.  Alot of times with wave survival games you see them spend less time and money on the graphics.  This is not the case for death wave.  It is a well rounded game!  We would like to in the future see some more survival levels added.  Possibly more kick ass music tracks. As for now you can get to take a look into the survival mode from the videos we have posted.   Later on we will post some videos of us playing the challenges.


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Super awesome!

Old school styles wave survival game. Cant get much better than that!

overall :
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