Reader Discussion: Do You Still Care About Sonic The Hedgehog?

Like him or loath him, Sonic is one of gaming’s biggest mascots. Do you still care for Sega’s speedster, or would you be happier if he just gave up the ghost?

Sega recently celebrated Sonic’s 25th anniversary, which was exciting for some people (read our burning questions interview with Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka), and it’s crazy to think that the chili dog-loving hedgehog has really been around that long.

I remember really loving all of Sonic’s Genesis games; Sonic 3 combined with Sonic and Knuckles is still a classic. However, as I grew up I stopped caring about his recent games. As the same time, part of me still longs for those classic adventures, and I still hope that Sega will release a Sonic title that I could get excited about playing. How about you? Do you want Sonic to get his act together, or do you think he’s a relic of the past and the industry is better off without him?

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