Fable Fortune



I don’t even know where to start with this game,First off i was lucky enough to get it before any sort of beta opened for it.   So i have had time to extensively play with it. They had a kickstarter open, which is now closed due to finding a private funder.  So anyone who backed the kickstarter is now in a closed private beta.  This means that online battles have now become a little more fin, due to the fact that there are more people playing now.


The game has stunning graphics that all revolve around the fable universe. there are mini quest inside of the actual card games.  If you had to compare it to anything, think hearthstone for visual references just in a fable spin, but in terms of playability think MTG.  It can get very extensive.  You do win coins after matches which you can then spend on card packs, These card packs give you 5 or so new cards that you can then take and go edit your decks with. Below you will see a couple of videos of me playing with my knight deck.    We do have a Key laying around, we might raffle it off soon.  SO keep your eyes on the site and our facebook to win.


I also have a video of me and a guy playing co op, but i will have to upload it here seeing as i am currently in youtube jail for 6 months…..

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Fable Fortune

Fun CCG by the Falming Fowl studios.

world references :
co op:
overall :
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