Selma and the Wisp

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this game.  It’s a modern day side scroller with a very dark feel to it.  Now before you just go on and give it some harsh judgement because it is a sidescroller, let me say that it is not the easiest game to play.  With some chapters a little bit easier than others, you come across some that are challenging.  There are only a couple things that i noticed that really need to be updated, one of which is when it is trying to give you directions, Right in the middle of the text, what i think is the wisp goes and takes away some of the wording, the other thing is just smoothness.  At some times the girl that follows you (the wisp) can feel a little bit like jelly. Other than that expect to play and get sucked into this game.  Not sure entirely how many chapters there are in it, we made it to about the middle of chapter 5 in this gameplay video below.  check it out, go show some support of the social pages of this game and possibly buy it and play it.  We would love to see some of your gameplay.  Note that there are puzzle aspects inside this game. So, aside from collecting the orbs to keep your wisp alive which keeps Selma alive, you also have to make sure she does not die from physical causes, and also have to solve puzzles, like grabbing wood to fix a bridge, or putting a gear in a generator to get it running.

Overall this game is visually stunning, a blast to play, amd worth every penny you will spend on it.

Check the video below.



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Selma and the Wisp

Very excellent little side scrolling game with hints of puzzle aspects within it.

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