Batman – the TellTale story part one review/playthrough.

I finally got around to playing this, after being given the key.  Sorry it took so long. I had a few friends play it and tell me that i probably was not going to be impressed, but then i also had a couple more tell me that i would love it.  So this drove me to stop being lazy and finally play through part one of this game.   I have to say, i am super glad i did.  For the record i am a fan of episodic games, so naturally going into this i expected alot, alot more than i usually would from some run at the mill title, because this one had the Batman name tied to it. For starters the graphics in it really pull me in, if you can imagine the TV show Archer, it takes that feel in the graphic department, which is something i can really get behind.  I really like the cartoon styled graphics, but the ones that aren’t done up so much that is looks like it was made for a 5 year old kid.  So what they used here is perfect. The story starts with a bang, and ends with a bang, with added action filled fillers all throughout to keep you highly interested. They put the touch where on certain parts you can controll your full character and walk around, that is something we are really starting to see in these types of games and its something that i am really liking.  Almost the entire game is interactive which means there will be alot of different takes of thins game depending on how you play.  My rating for this will be very high seeing as, for me it had everything i want to see in this style of game, beautiful graphics, a great story that has me wanting more, awesome controlls for the gameplay that really make you feel like you are part of it.  I recommend picking up episode one and finishing it before two comes out.  If you for some reason cant get it and still want to see some gameplay, below is a video of me playing through part one.  See how i decided to play the part of batman.

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Part one official rating

A very good start to what i think will be a stellar eposodic story.

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