X-Men #39 Review

After uncovering a brand new hive of scum and villainy last month, Domino and her tentative partner, Daredevil, trace the contraband weaponry back to its source in X-Men #39. It’s a fun, interesting, and surprisingly emotional trip that closes this two-parter in style.… Read the rest


Star Wars: Purge

Now that the Star Wars Expanded Universe has begun to recover from its Rebellion Era refractory period (this is my term to describe the aversion to post-Episode III events after decades of overuse), we’re seeing some solid titles slotting themselves in and around the original trilogy’s place in continuity.… Read the rest


X-Factor #248 Review

I can respect the effort to make a fresh start after the heavy events of the Breaking Points arc, and Peter David accomplished that with last month’s issue. This week, he may have pushed too hard, with the continued silliness pushing the arc further from what he does best: tight drama and witty dialog.… Read the rest


Shadowman #2 Review

So far, every Valiant book is worth your time and money. Their relaunch has been a a huge success quality-wise, and a lot of that has to do with how diverse their lineup is. Shadowman is dark, bloody, and graphic. It feels more like a finely tuned horror story than superhero comic.… Read the rest


Blackacre #1 Review

Blackacre’s biggest problem is the way it starts, or rather, the way it doesn’t start. The first six pages of this book are heavy exposition. It’s sluggish, boring, and feels forced on the reader. We don’t get to learn about the world in a natural way, such as through the characters.… Read the rest


Arrow: "Vendetta" Review

December 6, 2012

Warning: full episode spoilers follow.

Arrow wrapped up a two-part story arc this week as Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli became first partners in the war on crime and then enemies when their goals clashed. Before the end, the two managed to spark a war between the Triads and the Bertinelli crime family and cause some friction in the developing romance between Tommy and Laurel.… Read the rest