24: Live Another Day

May 3, 2014

When 24 ended its run four years ago, the once-mighty series had grown too familiar, even a bit stale. By Season 8, the strain of filling so many hours in real time had taken its toll and the show’s creative team, the network and maybe even fans agreed that it was time to take a step back.… Read the rest


Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1 Review

Dark Horse’s newest Star Wars project offers two major selling points. First, it brings another new face into talent pool in the form of writer Matt Kindt. Second, it revolves around that inimitable smuggler/scoundrel, Han Solo. But as these comics are often wont to do, Kindt keeps readers at a distance from Solo, instead framing the story from the point of view of a fresh-faced new recruit to the Rebel Alliance.… Read the rest


Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs. Bane #1 Review

This isn’t the first post-Forever Evil comic DC has published despite Forever Evil #7 being delayed well into May, but it does seem especially cheeky to be putting out a book with “Forever Evil Aftermath” in the title. Batman vs. Bane #1 serves as an epilogue to the recent Arkham War mini-series, with Batman returning to Gotham to end Bane’s brief reign as the city’s champion.… Read the rest