Day: August 8, 2016


More Hitman In Square Enix’s Sights

Square Enix’s release plan for Hitman has evolved from an amorphous free content update structure to clear-cut episodes, but regardless there is a long-term plan for the game and its “seasons.”

In a reply to a fan’s tweet to the series’ official Twitter account about what’s next after the current slate of seven episodes runs its course, the answer is that there are three overall seasons planned.… Read the rest


Sony Issues Manual Copyright Strikes Against YouTubers Just For Discussing No Man’s Sky

YouTube has a fairly stringent approach to copyright. We’re most familiar with the automated ContentID system that aggressively flags videos for copyrighted content. But intellectual property owners can also manually flag videos for violations.

Sony took manual action against a number of YouTubers simply discussing the leaked copies and the impact its having.… Read the rest