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The Epic "GAMES for FREE" overview…

These 25 STEAM games are included: The Lady, Ballistick, Centauri Sector, Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1 TOF, Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 2 WOTA, Hidden Mysteries: Civil War, Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragon, Montagues Mount, Roogoo, The Detail: Episode 1, Velocibox, Hoven the Sages Spinel, Apartment 666, A Land Fit For Heroes, Cell HD Emergence, Orburon, Paranautical Activity, Reverse Crawl, Spellweaver Vampire Overlord, The Joylancer Legendary Motor Knight, Air Guardians, Corporate Lifestyle Simulator, Huntsman: The Orphanage, Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle, Red Goblin: Cursed Forest, Three Dead Zed.… Read the rest

Game Deals

GAME for FREE: ELITE (1984)

This time you can get the retro classic and critically acclaimed space trading game ELITE from 1984. Experience this epic game, “The game of a lifetime”. A gift by Frontier Developments, publisher of ELITE.

The game: “ELITE” (Windows)

Experience the classic space trading game, Elite, as released on the BBC Model B in 1984, by Ian Bell and David Braben.… Read the rest

Game Deals

New: The Arduino Enthusiast Bundle


An Arduino e-book bundle…

Master this popular open-source electronics platform with 8 e-books (1,900+ pages) of project-based instruction. The “Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle” by Stacksocial.

Design, code & build exciting projects using arduino tools.

Included E-Books:

  • Arduino Wearable Projects
  • Arduino Electronics Blueprints
  • Arduino Development Cookbook
  • Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints
  • Arduino by Example
  • Arduino iOS Blueprints
  • Arduino Robotic Projects
  • Arduino Android Blueprints

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