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Did You Know Gaming Unearths Super Smash Bros. Facts

Nintendo 64’s Super Smash Bros. is one of the most iconic fighting games out there, and YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming has meticulously gathered up several interesting tidbits to test your knowledge.

In the video below, you’ll discover why LucasArts was disgruntled about certain sound effects that sounded too similar to Star Wars’ lightsabers, how the game was codenamed “Pepsiman” during its development, and more.… Read the rest


The Persona 5 ‘Phan-Site’ Is Now A Real Website

In Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves (your group of best friends) end up with a “Phan-Site” devoted to covering, encouraging, and expanding their exploits. recently, someone decided to make the in-game website real. Beware of spoilers!

Phansite.net is heavily stylized after the game’s red-on-back (or is it black-on-red?) color scheme and features many of the features characters in Persona 5 mention, such as a poll asking in-game questions (today’s is “Is Medjed just?”), the ability to leave a comment on the site’s main page for everyone to see (some of which are NSFW), and a working message board.… Read the rest