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Akiva Goldsman Working On Rainbow Six Movie, Tapping Ryan Reynolds To Star

Known for working on film franchises like Transformers, producer/writer/director Akiva Goldsman is now working on a Rainbow Six film adaptation and courting Ryan Reynolds to star, according to Deadline.

The report indicates that this upcoming movie will be more based on the original Tom Clancy book rather than the games, though still features a familiar character: protagonist John Clark.… Read the rest

Anime news

Godzilla Anime Feature Receives First Trailer

Godzilla is getting the anime treatment in this full-length, CGI kaiju movie.

Produced by Toho, the company which spawned the King of the Monsters, Godzilla: Monster Planet is the first official full-length animated film in the character’s storied history.

Monster Planet centers around a group of humans who abandon Earth after it’s become overrun with giant monsters.… Read the rest


New Jurassic World Movie Gets A Name And Poster

The sequel to the 2015 summer blockbuster Jurassic World now has an official subtitle and movie poster.

Here’s the fresh new poster for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The tagline of course references the classic Jeff Goldblum line in the original Jurassic Park, “Life… uh… finds a way.”

The first Jurassic World represents what many studios consider to the ideal modern movie: a soft reboot of an existing property people already trust that rakes in over $1.6 billion.… Read the rest