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Nioh Update Adds New Sub-Missions

Today Team Ninja released a new patch for Nioh, the surprise PS4 exclusive hit that has captured the imaginations of gamers who enjoy difficult action games like Dark Souls. 

The 1.06 patch includes a number of minor tweaks and stability changes, but the most notable alteration is the addition of new submissions that open up after you reach the final part of the game.… Read the rest


Want In On The Splatoon 2 Testfire? Here’s What You Need To Know

Nintendo kicks of the Splatoon 2 global testfire today, which is your first chance to get your hands on the messy, paint-splattering shooter sequel. Want in? Here are the details you need to know.

The testfire pre-load has been available on the eShop for several days now, but if you haven’t downloaded it yet log into your Switch and get the process started so you can hit the ground running when the event begins.… Read the rest