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Report: JoyCon Wireless Issues Caused By “Manufacturing Variation” In Statement By Nintendo

Nintendo released a statement to Kotaku today addressing the Switch’s left JoyCon connectivity issue, saying that the widespread issue is a “manufacturing variation”. The statement insists that there is nothing wrong with the JoyCon hardware that would be cause for replacement, and that the variation has already been corrected at a factory level.… Read the rest


Breath Of The Wild Meets Monster Hunter XX In New DLC Announcement

The Japanese website Inside has reported that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-themed DLC will be making its way to Monster Hunter XX in Japan later this year. The announcement trailer shows a great many things that will be familiar to Breath of the Wild players, including Link’s new blue duds, as well as some bow action, and a brief glimpse of what looks like the Master Sword.… Read the rest